Public bath


Opening hours:
15:00 ~ 24:00 and 6:00 ~ 10:00

Male Bathhouse: First Floor
Female Bathhouse: Top Floor 

Male Bathhouse

The male public bath on the first floor aims to express stylish masculinity with the contrasting colours of black and white. Large open spaces and clean surfaces help you relax in the hot water after a tiring day. 

Lockers are available for your convenience. 

Female Bathhouse

The female bathhouse is located on the ladies-only top floor of the hotel. Since a special key-card is needed to enter the floor, our guests can enjoy every facility with a peace of mind.

Crystal lamps and aquamarine accents on the wall make the bathhouse an attractively elegant space. 

Private makeup rooms are also arranged in the facility, so it is possible to comfortably reapply makeup after using the public bath. 

Lockers are available for your convenience.